TOKYO, JAPAN (November 30, 2020) One Concern, Inc. today announced its disaster science platform received the Advanced Technology Prize in the AI category of the 2020 ASPIC IoT-AI-Cloud Awards. The Advanced Technology Prize was awarded by ASP-SaaS-IoT Cloud Consortium (ASPIC), a Japan-based non-profit industry organization focused on promoting ASP-SaaS-Cloud computing technologies and vendors, in cooperation with the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.


The Advanced Technology Prize recognizes One Concern’s platform for its applications and use cases in three key areas:

1) Integrated resilience platform

A single platform supports the prediction of damage from various disasters, specifically flooding and earthquake damage. The company is currently developing functions that are able to quantify not only the impacts to specific buildings, but also disruptions among networks of infrastructure, such as transportation and energy infrastructure, that are essential for business operations.


2) Integrating disaster science with machine learning

One Concern has developed a higher-accuracy model that combines AI/ML with conventional physical models to adjust parameters for various situations and use cases. By identifying vulnerabilities and providing damage predictions prior to adverse events, One Concern’s platform enables decision-making that allows for strategic resilience investments that help to mitigate the impacts of disasters before they strike. As a disaster response tool, the platform is able to enhance the rate and accuracy of disaster response, which helps to reduce the degree of disruption to companies and local governments and accelerate restoration efforts.


3) Supporting network analysis

The platform quantitatively analyzes not only disaster risks to buildings, but also how a single area of damage will be linked to damage in other areas using a city-wide model. It provides assessments of the network of essential infrastructure, such as electricity, water, and roads, and helps corporations and local governments make informed decisions and formulate disaster action plans.


In addition to earthquake risks, abnormal weather events accompanying climate change, such as typhoons and torrential rain, have been occurring with increasing frequency in recent years. In the face of these rapid changes, conventional experience-based disaster risk assessment is no longer applicable. With increased urgency to quantify disaster risks, One Concern is committed to developing products in the US and Japan, with the goal of realizing planetary-scale resilience.


About the ASPIC IoT-AI-Cloud Award

The goals of the award are to formally recognize excellent and socially beneficial cloud services in Japan, help cloud service providers and user companies expand their businesses, and support the development and establishment of cloud services as social information infrastructure.


About One Concern

One Concern is a Resilience-as-a-Service solution that brings disaster science together with machine learning for better decision making. With operations in the US and Japan, the company quantifies resilience from catastrophic perils, empowering leaders to measure, mitigate, and monetize risk so disasters aren’t so disastrous.


About One Concern

At One Concern, we are a climate resilience technology company dedicated to empowering organizations with actionable insights to address the impacts of business disruption caused by disasters. Through our analytics, we enable risk selection, mitigation, pricing, scenario analysis, and risk management. Our mission is to make disasters less disastrous by helping organizations understand and prepare for downtime from physical climate risks. We are committed to providing the world with the tools needed to effectively mitigate and manage downtime from such risks. Learn more about us at