One Concern’s new Virtual First strategy prioritizes employee flexibility, work-life balance, and physical and mental wellbeing

MENLO PARK, Calif. (September 22, 2021) — One Concern, Inc. today announced a Virtual First work model that will assume virtual work as the primary mode of work for all employees, regardless of their proximity to the office. Under the new Virtual First approach, all One Concern employees will have the flexibility to work remotely, with office spaces repurposed for events and meetings formerly held off-site.

“The pandemic has changed work models and work preferences. After a global employee research survey, we’ve heard from our employees that they want greater flexibility, shorter commutes, and more time with their loved ones,” said Nicolette Quispe, Chief People Officer of One Concern. “As we continue our mission to build planetary scale resilience, we are embracing a flexible Virtual First model that supports a positive and productive work environment for employees regardless of location, enabling a more geographically distributed workforce as we look to address climate risks and build resilience.”

Virtual First is designed as a strategic imperative for achieving One Concern’s mission by enhancing talent acquisition, retention, and efficient collaboration. Virtual First will grant employees greater flexibility, as well as expand One Concern’s recruiting prospects beyond Silicon Valley, allowing the company to hire a wider range of diverse talent. Employees will also receive wellbeing and connectivity stipends to enhance their remote working experiences.

“Diverse perspectives and backgrounds have always been strengths for the One Concern team, and our Virtual First approach aligns with our core values of honesty, integrity, accountability and our emphasis on eliminating biases and building resilience,” said Ahmad Wani, CEO and Co-Founder of One Concern. “This shift in our work model will allow us to expand our talent pool and enable a diverse, world-class team to embrace the work environments in which they thrive, rather than asking them to adopt a one-size-fits-all working model.”

The Menlo Park and Tokyo office spaces have been redesigned to prioritize collaborative gatherings and will be used for traditionally off-site activities, such as social gatherings, seminars and other community building events.

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