A Single Platform, Many Pathways to Resilience

Creating the World's Digital Twin

We are the digital infrastructure of the physical world. We map, analyze and monitor the world’s built and natural environments and their connections to the global economy. Deploying advanced AI/ML capabilities alongside best-in-class disaster science - we work to create intelligent, probabilistic models that can learn, scale, and continuously evolve. As climate change and extreme weather intensify, our multi-peril platform is evolving alongside the world itself.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis as advanced as the world it models.

An Intuitive Platform to Uncover Structural and Network Vulnerabilities

Effective risk mitigation begins with understanding the underlying complexities that impede business resilience. We have leveraged machine learning and data science to model the direct and multi-order impacts of disasters not just onto buildings, but onto the entire communities and infrastructure they belong to. We identify the ripple effects of hazards across all levels of the complex networks and ecosystems of our society, including power grids, highways, airports and more.

Our technology allows users to model risk from multiple altitudes, from the property level to the portfolio level and beyond. One Concern’s approach is to use a mix of physics-based and machine-learning models to generate resilience analytics in a way that facilitates comparisons across buildings, across geographies, and over time. We enable industry and government to understand their true vulnerabilities, inside and outside their fence, for a broader view of exposure.

Business Resilience, Not Just Asset Resilience

We are creating a common language for climate and disaster resilience. Our platform allows our users to compare resilience across assets in their own portfolio and consider external vulnerability at scale, as well as measuring themselves against industry benchmarks.
We are unlocking a holistic approach to resilience through advanced risk modeling and network analysis.

Data Science

Resilience starts with data.

Robust data orchestration

The foundation of our platform are robust, curated datasets that offer a more complete understanding of risk than ever before. We have synthesized trillions of data points, from the building level to the network level, to power our analysis. For example, One Concern has calculated 57 billion recovery curves, 7 trillion downtime data points, and 14 trillion damage recovery data points--so far.

We collect, curate and integrate structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources, consolidating data points from historically siloed systems into one common data schema for our models to ingest. This data comes from open source providers, private providers, our clients as well as other proprietary sources. We update datasets as soon as new information is available to keep our models and digital twin current. Where there are gaps in available data, we have applied next-generation machine learning to impute missing data and improve the coverage of network models.

Making Climate Change Tangible

Know what’s coming--and how exposed your business really is. As the impact of disasters and extreme weather continue to worsen, the consequences of climate change are obvious. The world has changed, but risk modeling hasn’t caught up: until now.

One Concern integrates climate-change scenarios in a robust and objective manner in order to assess physical risk and climate transition risk and facilitate consistent and comparable analyses across individual, and portfolios of, properties. With our platform, clients can modify existing valuation and risk processes to incorporate climate and natural disaster resilience, which are not typically included in financial models.

One Concern allows users to clearly visualize how climate change will impact their assets and networks, to plan for how to adapt their organizations for a new world.

Real impact. Real action.