Scientists and technologists building global resilience

We’re creating the world’s digital twin.

We’re building the digital architecture of our natural environment, built environment, and everything in between. Meaning, we’re working to analyze the direct and multi-order impacts of hazards – impacts with ripple effects across all levels of complex systems and networks. From floods and earthquakes to pandemic predictions, our multi-peril technology is evolving alongside the world itself.

Disaster Science

Integrating hazard science with next-gen AI/ML

Political map of San Francisco

Every disaster is unique. Traditionally, this is not reflected in assessments of hazard risk, which often rely on correlational assumptions or stagnant risk maps that only represent a single event, or single point in time.

Our technology revolutionizes this process, creating hyperlocal, dynamic and event-specific visualizations of disaster risk. To do this, our technology is built on a core platform combining natural and hazard sciences: structural and seismic engineering, hydrodynamics, atmospheric and meteorological sciences and remote sensing.

Storm Surge Predictions for Hurricane Dorian


Impacts to businesses in the Bay area from 3 earthquake scenarios


Data Science

Resilience starts with data.

Hexagonal shapes shown on map of Kumamoto

We synthesize structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources, consolidating data sets from historically siloed systems into a common data schema for our models to ingest. This data comes from open source providers, private providers, and our clients. Where there’s missing pieces, we’ve deployed advanced AI/ML capabilities to fill in the gaps.

AI/ML enhances and refines our hazard algorithms, creating intelligent, probabilistic models that can learn, evolve, and scale from each new piece of data.

A Deep Learning Approach to Downscale Geostationary Satellite Imagery for Decision Support in High Impact Wildfires


Using StreetView data for identifying soft story buildings in San Jose