Use Case

Emergency Disaster Relief

Emergency leaders need to provide basic necessities - such as mass care and relief commodities - to residents after a disaster.

Following a disaster, supply chain disruptions and limited road access make it difficult to provide residents with food, water, medicine, and other basic necessities.


Disasters can cause massive disruptions to critical supply chains and city operations. In the wake of an event, it can be difficult for emergency leaders to determine safe and accessible points of distribution for residents of a city.

Leaders must consider routes of access, proximity to residents in their homes who need assistance, and the amount of materials needed (based on local affected population) - all of which can be extremely difficult to determine using traditional risk assessments alone.


One Concern’s solution allows emergency leaders to rapidly and accurately determine:

  • The safest and most accessible locations for points of distribution within the specific dynamics of the event
  • The number and demographics of the local population, giving insight into how many people will need assistance
  • The neighborhoods in which safe housing remains - indicating how many people can remain in their homes yet still need assistance to receive relief commodities
  • The amount and type of relief commodities that will be needed at each point of distribution - informing pre-disaster stockpile creation and post-disaster relief support