Use Case

Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment

Organizations need better tools to understand multi-hazard risk.

Traditional risk assessments are expensive, slow to update and fail to provide an accurate estimate of the current environment during disaster operations.


Creating a holistic risk assessment is expensive and time consuming. While they’re highly detailed, the risk is measured static: it’s a snapshot that captures a moment in time:

  • Static data snapshots limit the shelf-life of traditional risk assessment
  • They do not adapt/ reflect any changes in the built environment
  • They don’t include any socio-economic or population trends
  • They have limited value in disaster response as they don’t capture dynamic data points when the specific hazard occurs


One Concern is here to change the way organizations approach and understand their risk and vulnerability network. The resolution and dynamicity of data ensure more relevance in customers’ understanding of the world around them (i.e. population, built environment, natural environment). Because these predictions are generated by the user, they can be done frequently – ensuring customers have the most up-to-date picture of risk around them.