The Resilience Platform

Uncover your blindspots

More informed risk decisions

We help our customers uncover, prepare for, and mitigate unpredictable disaster risk— building resilience to uncertainty from the disasters that may lie ahead.

A clearer picture
of reality

Our probabilistic models integrate next-gen AI/ML with human-centric disaster science for a comprehensive, dynamic understanding of disaster risk around us.

One platform. Many applications.


With adjustable variables and parameters, run custom and historical disaster scenarios, to prepare continuity of operations for any eventuality.


Pinpoint the impact of local emergency incidents. Make timely decisions and response plans based on probabilistic, dynamic predictions.


With high resolution impact predictions, understand your vulnerabilities and take measurable, mitigative action when it matters.

“One Concern’s platform is a leapfrog over the systems of today that help prepare for disasters.”

In a world of nodes, we draw the edges.

We analyze the networks you depend on, and how they exist in the context of their environment. In doing this, we connect and correlate points of intersection in historically separate and distinct systems. Turning insights into action, and data into decisions.

Wave, City skyline, and a busy city street

Real impact. Real action.

Visualize our solutions and see resilience in action.